Feel like home!

Feel like home!

Feel like home!

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Who we are

Among the rolling hills, Sant’Alberto appears.
You can sense tradition everywhere: the wooden beams, the old local travertine stone on the stairs, the antique furniture but with a touch of practicality together with a warm welcome.

There is a large garden where you can lose yourself and a swimming pool (7,5X15 mt) where everyone can meet up.
Enjoy the barbecue, the roasted meat, the dinners in the open air, the scent of the lavander and rosemary, the chatter during lazy summer afternoons.
Sant’Alberto was built in 1800 and we restored it in 1993 to start our business.
At the same time, our farm lands which surround the house became completely organic. We grow cereals , legumes and officinal plants that we transform and sell in our little shop, on the farm.

The Villa

Our bedrooms and apartments are furnished with antique furniture and family heirlooms, giving an elegant but homely feel.
Steps and surfaces have been created from old wooden troughs, old farm equipment has been transformed into mirrors and pieces of the wine barrels have been made into lamps.
Travertine steps have become benches.
The apartments all have well-equipped kitchens and a fireplace or wood-burning stove.
All the bathrooms are private and have a shower.
In the suite there is a bath tub for a relaxing and aromatic soak!

The Shop

Where you check-in there is also a small shop with legumes, cereals, ready mixed soups, herb infusions, edible flowers, spelt biscuits, flavored pasta, extra virgin olive oil from our farm and a small choice of artisan wines and beers from the surroundings.
All these items are completely organic, produced on our farm and on three other neighbouring farms. Our brand is BIOMAVO.


Castiglione d’Orcia

What to do

The Orcia Valley means kilometres of rolling hills. Nestling in the hills, we find old farmhouses and ancient hamlets. Watching over the valley, is Mount Amiata (1738 metres above sea level), at its feet the Orcia river slowly meanders through the valley.
The fields, cultivated by the farmers are like a colorful chessboard which changes during the year, from green to yellow and red in the Autumn.
Within few kilometres you can find the vineyards of Brunello, Nobile and Orcia doc red wines as well as olive groves, used to produce the extra virgin olive oil.
Deafening silence, huge spaces, soft breezes and warm shining sun welcome you to the valley, along with milky dawns and firey sunsets.

Castiglione d’Orcia


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The Via Francigena

Sant’Alberto is located on a stretch of the Francigena way: a pilgrim route that leads from France to Rome and then towards Apulia, where the pilgrims sailed to the holy land and Jerusalem.
Today this route is becoming more and more popular with modern-day “pilgrims”.
The track is shorter than in the old times and generally the pilgrims are walking to Rome.
This is a different experience for people of all ages.
You can still see the old stone path which runs through our farm.
We are in the middle of the stretch between San Quirico d’Orcia and Radicofani.

For the pilgrims that stop at Sant’Alberto it is possible to have breakfast.
It is not possible to have dinner but we can organize a food pack where you can choose to buy pasta, soups, sauces, eggs and olive oil.

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